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Life Education as Basis, Sustainable Development as Mission.

The Affiliated School of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Profile


The Affiliated School of Guangdong University of Foreign StudiesGDUFS, established in 1970 especially for the children of the university faculty members, lies on the beautiful campus of GDUFS at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. Restructured in 2000, it became a privately-run public school funded by GDUFS. Currently, the school consists of 36 primary school classes and 12 lower secondary school classes, with nearly 2100 students and more than 160 teachers.

Over the years, adhering to the motto of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, “pursuit of integrity, practice, and cross-cultural learning”, the school has been striving for “lifelong development of learners and cultivation of internationally-oriented modern people”, as well as its educational idea of “integrity before learning”, and has accordingly adopted a pedagogical approach featuring “light schoolwork and high quality”. All this has contributed to a school culture with its own unique features.

With 50 years of painstaking efforts, the school has been commissioned as the site for the 12th Five-year Plan Key Project Research sponsored by the National Teacher Research Fund, and recognized nationally as “Advanced School of Education and Research”, “Advanced School of Private Education in China”, and one of the first national STEM pilot schools. It has been awarded many honorary titles, including the traditional school of dance education in primary and secondary schools, and the talent-training base of the "Hundred-Thousand-Ten-Thousand Project" in the General Education System of Guangdong Province. In various competitions, our teachers and students have won more than 200 national awards and more than 500 provincial and municipal honors.


廣州市白云區白云大道北2號 510420  | 廣州市白云區廣外附屬中小學

粵ICP備15042637號| 電話:36205109 | Email:36205109@163.com | 網站維護: 廣外附屬中小學總務處

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